Thursday, February 3, 2011


After several months of deliberation, I have finally decided to start a blog.  And, since I like to cook and share recipes with friends, this was the natural subject for the blog.  As for the title, let me explain.  The first problem was that every imaginative title I thought of was already taken, so when "The Self-Taught Cook" was not already in use, I decided to go with it.  Actually, I was tired of thinking of titles, but anyhoo....The story behind that is simple.  My mother did not teach me to cook when I was young.  And if my mother is reading this, it's not personal; I just didn't learn in the early years.  As a young adult, my cooking repertoire was very limited (mostly mixes and frozen stuff-AAACKKK! with a few simple recipes thrown in).  I was always self-conscious about this, but thought I was one of those people who "aren't domestic".  Then one day, it hit me.  If you can read, you can cook.  I mean, really--think about it.  A cookbook is just an instruction manual.  Read and assemble the ingredients, and then follow the directions.  VOILA!!! And so my obsession with collecting cookbooks began.  BTW, I don't want to imply that I have been as ambitious as to attempt anything as sophisticated as Julia Child.  I loved the movie (and the book), but that's not for me.

So, my intention is to blog at least once a week, maybe once a day (who knows?) about what I'm cooking, and share recipes that I have used and liked.  Hopefully, someone will read and follow this blog and join in with comments.  Cool, huh? 

Since I believe in honesty and giving credit where it is due, I will make every effort to give credit when a recipe originated elsewhere.  The  problem with me is that I have a tendency to find a recipe that sounds interesting and then I start tinkering with it until it suits me.  And, a lot of recipes that I have around here don't have any kind of information attached to them.  But, as I said, if possible, I will give credit when I can.

Enough said.  Next post, we start cooking!  : )

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Mother is reading!!


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