Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GIVEAWAY DETAILS!!!!! (Tostones y Arroz Amarillo)

A year ago this month, I began to write this blog.  I really did it as a hobby, sort of do-it-yourself therapy because health problems prevented me from working, and I was about to pull my hair out.  I didn't really think anyone would read this, and if a few did, I thought they would read it once and forget it.  I seem to have insecurity issues.  Anyway, never in my wildest dreams did I think that in a year over 500 people on Facebook would have clicked that wonderful little "Like" button.  I am shocked, thrilled, and downright bumfoozled.  (A good Southern word for when you're way beyond confused.)  So, in light of this auspicious occasion, I am doing another giveaway.

So many of my recipes involve seasonings and marinades not found in all parts of the country, so I decided to make up a prize package of some of the things I use the most often.  That way, if you can't find these things and don't know if you would like cooking with them, you'll have a chance to try them.  Then, if you do like them, I'll be happy to point you to several good websites where you can order these products if you haven't found them yourself.  The package includes Spanish-style tomato sauce, Sazon, Adobochon, Adobo con Pimiento, Mojo Criollo, Naranja Agria, and Amarillo. If you notice, I usually buy Goya products, but a lot of that is just habit.  In this package the Mojo Criollo and the Naranja Agria are Badia brand, because they come in plastic bottles.  We were afraid that Goya's glass bottles could break in shipping.  I have also included a tostonera to use for making tostones.  And, IMHO, the most awesome thing--your very own "Self-Taught Cook" T-shirt!  The shirt as Jorge's idea.  It is so cool.  BTW, it's a size Large.   Not being psychic, we just had to pick a size and hope for the best.

Here's how to enter.....

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So, in light of the fact that the package includes these items, I decided to rerun a couple of recipes that use some of these products.

1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/8 tsp. BADIA Amarillo Yellow Coloring
1/4 tsp. GOYA® Adobo con Pimiento (With Pepper)
1 packet GOYA® Sazón with Coriander and Annatto (con Culantro Y Achiote)
1 packet GOYA® Chicken Bouillon
1 Tbsp. GOYA® Frozen Recaito, thawed
1/2 C. tomato sauce
2 C. water
2 C. medium-grain white rice
1 Tbsp. diced ham
2 Tbsp. alcaparrado

To effectively cook rice, you need to find just the right pot in which to cook it.  I use a caldero, which is the traditional cooking pot used for cooking rice and other foods in Puerto Rico.  Basically, it's a Dutch oven.  Heat olive oil over medium heat.  Add the next 7 ingredients.  When the water comes to a boil, add the rice.  Turn the rice down to low.  When the water has evaporated until it is level with the rice, add the ham and alcaparrado, stir once, put the lid on and turn heat as low as possible.  Let rice simmer approximately 20 minutes.  Now, you don't want your rice to be too wet.  This should not be a sticky rice; but, of course, you don't want it to stick and burn.  The only way this will work is to LEAVE THE RICE ALONE!!  This is very difficult for me.  My usual approach to cooking is to hover over the stove, checking, stirring, sometimes even praying.  With yellow rice, you can't do this.  Well, you can pray, but you need to do it from a distance.  I have learned that when I turn it down and put the lid on, it's best to just leave the room.  Really.  You have to do this.  Now, as for alcaparrado, it is a combination of olives, capers, and pimentos.  If you can't find it in your store, don't sweat it; just use pimento stuffed olives.  If you can't find the packets of chicken bouillon, again, don't worry.  Just use a chicken bouillon cube.  It's basically the same.

1  plantain
5 Tbsp canola oil
Kosher Salt

The first step is to peel the plantain.  If you have never cooked plantains before, remember, they may look like green bananas, but they are different.  They cannot be eaten raw, and the peel is thicker and tougher than a banana peel.  It must be removed with a knife.  If you are really adept at this, you can make a slit down the side and open the peel right off.  I can't always do this.  If you can't either, don't feel bad.  As long as you get the peel off, that's all that matters.  Here is a video of Jorge removing the peel the correct way.
Looks easy, right?  After peeling the plantain, you need to chop it into 5 or 6 pieces.   

Fry the plantain pieces in the canola oil until lightly browned.  (I got the oil a little too hot and mine are more than lightly browned on one side.  No bother; they were just fine.)   
When browned, remove and drain on paper towel.  Now they have to be flattened.  You can do one of two ways.  You can buy a tostonera which is made for this purpose, or you can use the bottom of a saucer.  The tostonera does not have to be expensive.  I think I paid $1.99 for this one and I found it in, of all places, an Amish store in Crofton, KY.  Go figure that one.... Anyway, here is how you flatten the browned pieces.
After flattening, return the pieces to the pan and refry until they are crispy. 
Remove from the pan, drain on a paper towel, and salt to taste.

And now, for the garlic sauce.  Some people want a dipping sauce for their tostones, some eat them alone.  Either way is fine.  I happen to like the sauce, so I serve it on the  side so that everyone has an option.  This recipe originally came from A TASTE OF PUERTO RICO by Yvonne Ortiz (PLUME, 1997), but the changes are mine. 

8 garlic cloves
1 c. extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp. GOYA® Adobo

The easier, modern way is to use a food processor.  If you have a mini-food processor, even better.  Otherwise, you can use a mortar and pestle, and yes, I have done it that way.  The food processor yields a smoother sauce, though. 

Ironically, The Self-Taught Cook got so busy with her giveaway today that she didn't have time to cook dinner.  Thank God for Bravo and their deli!  : )

Until next time, Happy Cooking!  : )


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Rebecca said...

"Hola, y'all!"

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