Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sunday Book Review

Author:                    Gillian Flynn
Publisher:               Crown Publishing Group           
Publishing Date:     06/05/2012
ISBN:                       9780307588364

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a suspense novel about a twisted marriage.  You've heard the term toxic relationship?  Ms. Flynn has taken the toxic relationship to the next level.  At the beginning of the novel, Nick's wife Amy has disappeared.  Nick's story is interspersed with entries from Amy's diary covering the last seven years.  The police and the media have naturally centered on Nick as the primary suspect in her disappearance and possible death.

This novel is the best thriller I have read in years.  "Page turner" is a cliche, but it is certainly true here. I lost sleep because of this book; I couldn't put it down long enough to go to bed some nights.   At every turn in the story, I was convinced I knew what had happened but then another twist would occur.  I find it difficult to discuss the plot more fully than my brief summary in the first paragraph without committing the dreaded "spoiler alert".  Suffice it to say, nothing is ever as it seems, and even the ending will be a total surprise.

For anyone who loves a good mystery or suspense thriller, this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.  It is a perfect beach or airport/plane read.  But don't blame me if you find yourself looking at your spouse or significant other and wondering.....

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Ελλάδα said...

This is a wonderfully well-written, highly engaging read that was five stars for me much of the way. The author does a terrific job of drawing you in and keeping you off-balance, not knowing what to think. The characters, especially Amy and her parents, are so sharply rendered and original, and so is much of the plot. I loved the idiosyncratic-ness of it, the way this story is so unique and unlike more typical mystery fare.

I hated to put this down until a point a little past the halfway mark when the whole thing began to seem less special and interesting to me. This was due to a big plot twist I hadn't expected but which made the story more predictable and reminiscent of other mystery-thrillers with a similar type of `astounding' surprise in them. I maintained interest but didn't really believe in a couple of the characters and some plot 'conveniences' (i.e. where one character just so happens to have opportunely done an unbelievably costly, time-consuming, one-in-a-million-type thing that miraculously allows another character to pull off something that would have never worked otherwise).


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