Thursday, March 14, 2013

Know Me Better: Week 2, Day 5

Yet another day of self-interviewing, which sounds stranger than it really is, I assure you.  By now, you probably feel that you know more about me than you ever wanted to know, but I'm finding it educational.  And after 47 years, you would think you would know a person!

Again, these questions are courtesy of I Am a Reader, Not a Writer.

Are you a dreamer or a realist?

Definitely a dreamer.  If I liked reality, I wouldn't read so much.

Theater or Rental?

Usually Netflix, occasionally rental.  Theater - about once or twice a year, at the most.  The last movie we saw in the theater was "Lincoln", which if you haven't seen it, it's fantastic.  It should have swept the Oscars, IMHO.

Favorite late night snack?


How much time do you spend reading each week?

That's a good one.  By my estimate, at least 14 hours a week.  If there is travel or a waiting room involved, the number increases.  If I'm not feeling well, the number drops.

What is the last thing you Googled?

The phone number for the local convenience store.  They have the best pizza!

Now it's your turn! Share an answer to one or more of these questions as a comment, okay?  Then, check out these blogs who are also participating:




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