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  • Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press (April 4, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00C7T2DJ
  • Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press (April 4, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00C7T2DJI

About the book . . . 

Two years have passed since Agent Thomas Walken and Bobbi January found
themselves at the  heart  of  a  conspiracy  of  unimaginable greed  and  cruelty.
The Genefex Corporation remains  shrouded  in  mystery,  and  Bobbi  faces  a
life  of  unanswered  questions and  mounting  disillusionment  to  look   forward
to. But when she receives a mysterious message from one of  Walken’s  former
comrades,  she  is  drawn  back  onto  the  trail.  Now,   Bobbi  will   find   herself
newly equipped to discover the truth –  about  Walken,  about  Genefex  and  the
Yathi race  –  and  the  key  to  unlocking  those  secrets  rests  in  the  hands  of
a cyborg terrorist known only as Redeye.

But  the  road  to  truth  will  be  a  dangerous  one,   from   the   glamour   of
Seattle’s ultramodern core to the sprawling wastelands of the Old City  and
beyond. Alongside a band of lethal comrades,  Bobbi  will  face  death  and
worse  amidst  urban  rot,  bandoned  subway  tunnels,  and   ultimately   the
nightmarish halls of the Yathi themselves in  a  race  to  stave  off  what  may
prove  to  be  the  death  of  humanity itself.  Drenched  in  blood  and   neon,
Redeye is a tale of humanity on the edge of a new and terrible reality.

REDEYE is the second book in the Wonderland trilogy, of which BONES WIRES
was an extension of  that universe  but  independent  of  the  trilogy.  The
first book, SHADOW OF A DEAD STAR, was well-received by readers and
currently has a four-star average rating on Goodreads from sixty-four
ratings. BONE WIRES is equally well-received with a four-star average from
forty ratings.  

Michael Shean Biography          

Michael Shean was born amongst the sleepy hills and coal mines of southern West Virginia in 1978. Taught to read by his parents at a very early age, he has had a great love of the written word since the very beginning of his life. Growing up, he was often plagued with feelings of isolation and loneliness; he began writing off and on to help deflect this, though these themes are often explored in his work as a consequence. At the age of 16, Michael began to experience a chain of vivid nightmares that has continued to this day; it is from these aberrant dreams that he draws inspiration.

In 2001 Michael left West Virginia to pursue a career in the tech industry, and he settled in the Washington, DC area as a web designer and graphic artist. As a result his writing was put aside and not revisited until five years later. In 2006 he met his wife, who urged him to pick up his writing once more.Though the process was very frustrating at first, in time the process of polishing and experimentation yielded the core of what would become his first novel, Shadow of a Dead Star. In 2009 the first draft of book was finished although it would not be until 2011 he would be satisfied enough with the book to release it. Several years of work and experimentation yielded the core of what would become his first novel, Shadow of a Dead Star (2011). Michael is currently signed with Curiosity Quills Press, who has overtaken publication of Shadow of a Dead Star and the other books of his Wonderland Cycle.

Michael’s work is extensively character-driven, but also focuses on building engaging worlds in which those characters interact. His influences include H.P. Lovecraft, William Gibson, Cormac McCarthy, Philip K. Dick, and Clark Ashton Smith.

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Reader review . . . 

Bobbi January is still mourning the loss of Thomas Walken when she receives a request for help.  Now, Bobbi seeks to discover the truth regarding the disappearance of Walken.  When she discovers a cover up by Genefex Corporation, Bobbi enlists the assistance of her friend and employee, Marcus.  After Bobbi meets Redeye, born a girl but made a machine, she joins in her mission to save the world from the Yathi race.  

This is not a light, beach read, but for fans of the Wonderland Cycle  as well as fans of sci-fi and cyberpunk, this will be perfect.  A dark and gritty novel, Shean has created an complex futuristic world which, thanks to his excellent writing skills, is readily imaginable to the reader.  I especially appreciate any male author who can create strong female characters, as he has done.

My congratulations to Mr. Shean on another well-written novel.

4 stars

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