Tuesday, May 3, 2011

REPOST: Tornadoes – Your Help Is Needed | Southern Plate

As always, the national media has lost interest and gone on to the latest headline (can you say Royal Wedding and Dead Terrorist?), but people all over the South are still trying to rebuild their lives.  One of my favorite bloggers, Christy Jordan, lives north of Tuscaloosa and has been posting about the damage.  I feel that only someone who is there can really tell you what it is like, so I have taken the liberty of reposting this.

 I just watched a reporter from Tampa who is in Tuscaloosa. They interviewed a woman who, along with losing everything else, lost her glasses in the storm. There is a company called VSP Vision Care, http://vspblog.com/, that has gone to the area to offer free eye exams and eyeglasses who need them. As someone who's blind as a bat without glasses, I cannot imagine how disorienting that must be.   

p.s.  I don't know her personally; I'm just a huge fan of her blog.  Just so you know I'm not name-dropping..... 

Tornadoes – Your Help Is Needed | Southern Plate




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